Strength & Conditioning
Training designed for every level and ability. The programme is designed to help improve overall strength and conditioning. Over time you’ll be able to train harder, improve your recovery and move better.
An effective and challenging total-body workout. The classes focus on training the primal movement patterns of the body, utilising a training approach known as density training, a highly productive method for enhancing multiple aspects of physical performance, including strength, conditioning, hypertrophy, and metabolic efficiency. Strength classes will be delivered across session variations – Strength A and Strength B. Our Strength classes alongside our Metabolic Interval Training classes create a complete training system. All levels of experience welcome
Mobility for Athletes. Reflect on the weeks training, iron out the kinks, let your body recover ahead of another week of work.
Metabolic Interval Training (M.i.T)
Metabolic Interval Training (M.i.T) classes are high-intensity, high-paced, high-output workouts designed to challenge your physical fitness and resilience. During the MiT classes, you will perform full-body exercises with short rest periods to increase cardiac output and metabolic rate during and after the workout. This training style is perfect for getting fitter and reducing body fat levels. In our Metabolic Interval Training (MiT) classes, we consistently change how we deliver our sessions to keep them fresh and exciting.
Cycle your way to your fitness goals
Hybrid Cycle
Our Signature cycle class. We blend high-intensity cardio, killer playlists and awesome instructors to push you beyond your limits. This is not your average cycle class.
Yin Yoga
Long holding of postures and a focus on relaxing the muscles with breath work allows you to achieve a relaxed state, switching the nervous system from sympathetic (fight/flight) to parasympathetic (rest/digest). As the practice develops the mind will also begin to relax, bringing about a calmness to agitated thoughts and processes of the mind.
Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga linking the poses with your breath. Our vinyasa classes are slightly slower than the standard vinyasa class (but by no means easier) to give you more time to work into the poses.
Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga is the practice of asanas, each held for longer than in a Vinyassa class, often with the support of props. Restorative Yoga relaxs the body and reduces stress.
Pregnancy Yoga
Yoga is intended to create a balance between emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions. Prenatal yoga is about helping you prepare for childbirth by relaxing the body and focusing on safe techniques and poses in all stages of pregnancy